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Steiff Toys

Hansel Mohair Baby Faced Bear 14
Limited Edition Steiff. Bear carries wooden yogo which is an exact replica of the 1930's toy yoyo.

Steiff Made Many Toys in Addition to Stuffed Animals

The Margarete Steiff Toy Company was established in the early 1900's. The first products were felt toys, hand sewn by Margarete and eventually her staff. It was Margarete's nephew, Richard, that convinced her to produce the first teddy bear. The teddy bear was made famous by Theodore Roosevelt's refusal to shoot a cub bear on a hunting trip.  

Steiff has produced a number of toys over the years. In the early days, many Steiff stuffed animals were on wheels. There were also unique dolls of felt. The rubber Mecki dolls originating in the 1950's are still produced. Over the years Steiff toys included hand puppets, purses and even some unusual accessories such as decorated radiator caps for automobiles

For more information on identifying your steiff toys, please visit our Steiff books page and order a steiff identification or steiff price guide. Take a look around my site to purchase vintage small steiff animals.

Steiff Macki Doll, 12cm, produced between 1959 and 1967. Steiff made a number of different hedgehog dolls, starting in the 1950's through current production. They included Macky, Macki, Mecki, Micki, and Mucki and came in a variety of outfits.

Steiff Puzzle. Die frohlichen Puzzles von Steiff. Auf der Schatzinsel. EAN 9849/01. From 1987. 70 tile puzzle, 7.7" by 9.7". In brand new condition.

Elephant Purse from 2004. EAN 601064. 16cm. Using the same fine craftmanship that used for Steiff stuffed animals, Steiff purses have been produced over the years including purses shaped like bears, rabbits, fox, fish, hedgehogs, and owls.


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