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Steiff Field and Forest Animals

Steiff hedgehogs, goats, deer, guinea pigs, mice

If you need help identifying your vintage Steiff visit our Steiff Price Identification Books page for some useful references. The following animals are part of my personal collection. If you are interested in purchasing, send me an email.

Rocky Capricorn Goat, 1630/22, 22cm, 1976-1981, All ID.

Dalle Guinea Pig, 071805, 15cm, 1991-1995, All ID.

Bambi Deer, 14cm, 1952-1967, Silver ID.

White Fiep Mouse, 056208, 10cm, 1991-1999, All ID.

Grey Mouse Fiep, 056253, 10cm, 1991-1999, All ID.

Bazi Mole, 056307, 12cm, 1990-2000, All ID.

Joggi Hedgehog, 032288, 12cm, 1991-1995, All ID.

Joggi Hedgehog, Porcupine, 1670/06, 6cm, 1968-1990, ID.

Paddy Beaver, 1470/12, 12cm, 1981-1989, All ID.

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