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Steiff Ornaments

Steiff Christmas Ornaments

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Steiff ornaments. Mickey Mouse was a 1998 limited edition of 1928 to celebrate the 70th birthday of Mickey Mouse for Walt Disney Companies. Minnie Mouse was released in 1999. She was available for the first Christmas Collectibles Conference in Walt Disney World.

Below we have some current Steiff ornaments available from Amazon, ebay and other great retailers along with the original Steiff ornaments starting in 1994 from my personal collection. Email me if interested in purchasing one of the older Steiff Ornaments.

Steiff, Charlie Brown Holiday Ornament EAN 681714 , 4", Mohair
Adorable Steiff Charlie Brown ornament.

Holiday Seal With Ball

Fun Steiff Seal ornament with ball!  

Steiff® Rudolph and Clarice Plush Collectibles
Sweet holiday pair from Steiff. Rudolph and Clarice.  

Lladro Teddy Bear Ornament
Limited edition from Steiff and Lladro.

Find new and vintage Steiff Ornaments on ebay:
The following ornaments are from my personal collection and go back to the very first Steiff ornaments from 1994! Contact me if interested in purchasing any vintage Steiff ornaments (contact at southbaygifts dot com): 

Tinsel, 650802, 10cm - The first in the Steiff Ornament series from 1994.  

Original Teddybear Coal, 650833, 10cm, 1995, LE of 3,500. Second in the series of Steiff ornaments.

Original Teddybear Percussion, 665066, 10cm, 1996, LE of 3,500. 3rd in the series.

Christmas Tree Bear in Red Sweater, 655296, 10cm, 1996, LE 5000, German edition.  

Christmas Tree Bear Evergreen, 665417, 10cm, 1997, blonde bear, limited edition of 4000 for the USA. 4th in the series.

Christmas Tree Bear in Red Boot, 670138, 10cm, 1997, LE of 5000, German edition.

Snowman with broom and black top hat, 665592, 13cm, 1998, LE of 5000 for the USA. 5th in the series.

Christmas Tree Bear, white, 670329, 12cm, 1998, LE 5000, German edition.

Snowman with broom and red hat, 651427, 12cm, 1998, Christmas Collectibles Convention, Walt Disney World

Mickey Mouse Ornament, 651410, 14cm, 1998, LE 1928 for Walt Disney Companies

Minnie Mouse Ornament, 651649, 14cm, 1999, LE 1928

Mickey Sorcerer, 651687, 16cm, 1999, LE 2000  

Christmas Tree Snowman, 670428, 12cm, 1999, LE 5000, German edition

All Wrapped Up, 665882, 10cm, 1999, LE 5000. 6th in the series.

Gingerbread Man, 666050, 10cm, 2000, LE of 5000. 7th in the series.

Winnie The Pooh Bear Ornament, 680113, 12cm, 2001, Limited Edition, MIB.  

Christmas Angel, 666728, 12cm, 2002, LE 3500

Christmas Lamb, 667121, 10cm, 2003, LE 2003

Santa's Elf, 667091, 10cm, 2003, LE 2003

Cardinal, 667220, 8cm, 2003, LE 2003  

Paddington Bear, 354373, 12cm, 2004, LE 5000

Yellowhammer Ornament, 037689, 8cm, 2004, LE 5000

Dove Ornament, 667497, 2004, LE 2004

Steiff Muffy 20th Anniversary Ornament, 667770, 12cm, 2004 LE 1984  

Little Foo Keyring, 667688, 10cm, 2004, LE 3500

Hummingbird, 667572, 2004, LE 2004

Horse on Wheels, 668067, 11cm, Blond, North American Christmas Exclusive 2005

Teddy Skater, 668050, 10cm, 2005, Limited Edition of 2005.

Polar Bear, 037375, 12cm, 2006, Limited Edition of 2006.

Christmas Squirrel with Nut, 668593, 2006 Limited Edition of 1901.

Elephant Ornament, 669675, 2007 Limited Edition of 1500.

Panda Bear Ornament, 669774, 2007 Limited Edition of 1500.  


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