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Steiff Dogs (Hunde) ...

Steiff Mini Floppy Lumpi Golden Retriever
Pick up a sweet Steiff golden retriever puppy!

New and Vintage Steiff Dogs

If you need help identifying your vintage steiff dog, visit our Steiff price identification books page for some useful references.

The new Steiff dogs are available for purchase from major online retailers.

Prices for vintage Steiff include insured shipping within the continental United States. These Steiff dogs are from my private collection, email me if interested in purchasing.

Steiff Bernie Dog, Brown, 11"
Inexpensive Steiff puppy to play with!  

Steiff Lumpi Golden Retriever , Cream, 10.2"
Playful Steiff golden retriever.  

Strupy Jack Russell Terrier
Fun Steiff Jack Russell Terrier dog.  
Steiff Bernie Riding Husky
Collectible Steiff Bernie dog.  

The following vintage Steiff dogs are from my personal collection. Contact me if interested in purchasing:


Rare, mint, Cockie Cocker Spaniel!

1312,03, 12 cm, 1960-1967, Steiff Button, Yellow Flag, and chest tag. Near mint condition. $115.

Cute and Vintage 10cm Cockie, Cocker Spaniel

1310,0, 10cm, 1952-1957, Steiff Button.  $89.

Adorable Vintage Hexie Dachshund

4142/12, 12cm, 1979-1986, All ID. $89.

Vintage Sarras Boxer

17cm, 1950-1970, In great shape! $59. From my personal collection.  

Adorable Grey Snobby Poodle

4435/10, 10cm, 1954-1974, Steiff Button and Chest Tag.  $85.

Vintage Peky Pekinese

1308,00 8cm, 1953-1967, Steiff Button, Yellow Flag. $79.

Minty Black Snobby Poodle

4436/14, 14cm, 1954-1974, All ID. $85.

Near Mint Bazi Dachshund

1310/00, 10cm, 1961-1967, All ID, Swivel head.  $109.  

Find many new and vintage Steiff dogs on ebay!

Find collectibles, specializing in Steiff Stuffed Animals and Madame Alexander Dolls.

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