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Steiff Rabbits and Steiff Bunnies

Magic Cabin Giant Springtime Egg and Steiff Bunny Steiff Collection
Great Easter Steiff Bunnies set!

Find Vintage and New Steiff Rabbits and Bunnies

Need help identifying your vintage Steiff? We provide links to the best Steiff Books from Amazon.

We have found some adorable current Steiff rabbits for sale. These would make great Easter Bunny Gifts! I also have Steiff Rabbits from my personal collection, take a look. If you are interested in a vintage Steiff rabbit, send me an email.

See also Easter Dolls.

Manni Rabbit, 10cm, 1961 - 1974, Silver ID and part of Chest Tag. From my personal collection.

Snuffy Rabbit, 2933/16, 1983-1988, 16cm, Brass ID and Cloth Label

Woolen Rabbit, 7142/06, 6cm, 1968-1984, Silver ID and Cloth Label

Hoppy Rabbit, 1501/13, 13cm, 1984-1987, All ID

Timmy Rabbit, 6610,00, 10cm, 1965-1967, All ID

Ossi Rabbit, 2940/18, 18cm, 1968-1976, All ID

Woolen Rabbit, 2504,5, 4cm, 1951-1958, Silver ID and Cloth Tag

Steiff Duerer Rabbit, 2965/25, 25cm, 1972-1981, ID and Cloth Tag. SOLD

Woolen Rabbit, 7134/04, 4cm, 1968-1984, Silver ID and Cloth Tag

Find Vintage Steiff Rabbits on ebay!

Find collectibles, specializing in Steiff Stuffed Animals and Madame Alexander Dolls.

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