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Madame Alexander International Dolls of the World

Madame Alexander Dolls, 8" Austria, International Collection
Sweet Austrian doll with pigtails, gingham outfit and stein.

Featuring Modern and Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls of the World

Madame Alexander produced these international dolls for many years. The early dolls had bent knees. The later dolls had straight legs. All of these world dolls are 8", hard plastic dolls.

Each doll is exquisitely dressed in the clothes of the country they represent. They serve as the basis for many doll collections.

Trying to value your collection? Check out the current Madame Alexander Price Guides.

I am showing several dolls from my collection, if you are interested in purchasing, contact me.

Madame Alexander Dolls India, 10", International Collection
Madame Alexander India doll in traditional dance costume.

Madame Alexander, Brazil, International Collection - 10"
Madame Alexander Brazil doll wearing a green dance costume with feather headpiece.  

Madame Alexander Dolls, 8" Africa, International Collection
African doll wearing traditional African print dress, leopard skin bag and mask.

Find additional Madame Alexander International dolls on amazon:

The following dolls are from my personal collection, please contact me if you are interested in purchasing, contact at southbaygifts dot com.

Madame Alexander Netherlands Girl, 591, 1979-1985, MIB

Madame Alexander Netherlands Boy, 577, 1976-1989, MIB

Madame Alexander Spanish, Spain, 1961-1972, Bend Knees

Madame Alexander Mexico, 1965-1972, Bend Knees  

Madame Alexander Sweden, 1961-1972, Bend Knees

Madame Alexander Thailand, 1966-1972, Bend Knees

Madame Alexander Brazil, 547, MIB, 1976-1988

Madame Alexander Japan, 570,1979-1985, MIB  

Madame Alexander Russian, Russia, 1968-1972, Bend Knees

Madame Alexander China Doll, 572, 1985, Mint in Box

Madame Alexander Argentina, 1965-1972, Bend Knees

Madame Alexander India, 775, Bent Knee Walker, She's a little faded but otherwise MIB. India's box is the older green Madame Alexander box.  

Madame Alexander Rumania, 1968-1972, Bend Knees  

Madame Alexander International Doll,  Finland, 561, 1976-1985, MIB. From my personal collection.  

Many Vintage Madame Alexander International Dolls are available on ebay for very reasonable prices!

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