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Hard Plastic Dolls
These vintage hard plastic dolls from the 1940's and 1950's are some of my favorites! The first 6 dolls in this picture are all Madame Alexander. THe next two are R & B, Arranbee.

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From left to right we have:

- Little Women doll from 1947 - 1956 with bradied hair, re-dressed.

- Little Women Maggie from 1949 with original outfit.

- Little Women Jo from 1947-1956 in original outfit.

- Little Women Jo in original outfit.

- Kathy SKater, Near Mint, 1951.

- Melinda Ballerina, this one is not actually hard plastic but a very unique Madame Alexander ballerina, made only in 1963.

- Arranbee (R & B) skater from mid 1950's.

- Another Arranbee from the mid 1950's.



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